About us

Obsidian is born from an idea of transformation, of evolving from our work-partner of 12 years: the Paesana Vacanze. We searched for and wanted a new name that would best express our desire to change and of looking to the future with a view to a new international project. We chose a name that intrigues but that also features an elegance, which reflects the new image that we intend to give to our decade-long experience.
Curiosity is precisely the element that accompanies us in this work for almost 13 years; curiosity for the new and, why not, for the challenge that we are about to undertake both as a real estate agency and as a group of professionals.

Work for us is a sharing of passions, of our ancient culture, of a love for the land that hosts us and the energy that a unique area such as Gallura is capable of conveying.

If you buy a house in Sardinia, it is not just a property you have purchased but rather a treasure trove of emotions that will enrich your heart and your soul. If you come to visit us instead, to pass a short period in Sardinia, you will take away with you an unforgettable wealth of experience, culture, tastes, flavours and aromas.
Our job is to take you by the hand through the Gallurian countryside, the old dwellings (stazzi), our villas on the sea, passing by the giant granite mounds immersed in Mediterranean scrubland smelling of cistus and myrtle.


If you want to buy a property in Sardinia or rent a house for your holidays without any nasty surprises or poor service, we are your ideal choice.
Our expertise in the real estate sector enables us to offer a 360° service. Starting from evaluation and consultation, all the way to: appraisals, estimates, cadastral references and property title searches.

Obsidian can count on different associated expertises, which guarantee the customer the option of a global consultation regarding the study, design and renovation of the building in question.

Our technical staff is at your disposal for:

  • Estimates on property
  • Appraisals (even for mortgage loans)
  • Cadastral references and similar property searches
  • Projects
  • Renovations of any kind
  • Consultation on projects for the creation and restoration of properties of any kindtime sugli Immobili


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